UPnP DLNA and PS3 Media Server

If you want to PCs rock with your PS3, you can download ps3mediaserver

I have tried install it in WinXP and very simple, before run it please install JRE.
Recently, I got one new subsystem, Spec. as below:
CPU: Intel C420
North Bridge: Intel 945GC
South Bridge: Intel ICH7R
Memory: DDR2 1GB

I’ll install Ubuntu Lucid and running PS3 Media Server on it, let ps3mediaserver rock with my PS3 agian 🙂
Please check my later posts

The PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant UPnP Media Server for the PS3, written in Java; there are Windows, Linux and Mac OS X version for various OS; and it let us watch Video and Photo on TV via PS3, you can also listen Music 😀


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Self-employed (One-man Company), Developer/Chief Designer/Consultant, Embedded Linux/NAS/Storage/Platform/Devices, Xcode/Cocos2D/Cocoa/Objective-C, at Joe’s Lab – Newland ESP (TM).
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