Build minimal Linux for AM335x EVM

I’ll write some articles to explain howto build minimal Linux for Am335x EVM from scratch. In the first post, show where to get latest source code.

Getting latest source code
SPL & U-Boot
git clone

Linux Kernel
git clone git://
git checkout origin/v3.2-staging -b v3.2-staging

Initrd / Initramfs
git clone git://
git branch -a (show all branch)
git checkout remotes/origin/1_NN_stable

Next post figure out howto build and write binary into nand flash, you can try by yourself first.
(I’ll use Android mini PC MK802 as target instead of AM335x EVM for next post.)


About xlcwu

Self-employed (One-man Company), Developer/Chief Designer/Consultant, Embedded Linux/NAS/Storage/Platform/Devices, Xcode/Cocos2D/Cocoa/Objective-C, at Joe’s Lab – Newland ESP (TM).
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One Response to Build minimal Linux for AM335x EVM

  1. am3359 says:

    This is what I think to do with our project, but just cant figure out how.
    Thank you for this post. Its a big help.

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